The poem Thoughts on a Clock, by Eric Ritchie Jr., is mentioned in the episode Time of the Doctor. Does anybody have a link to the entire poem? Was it written especially for the show, or modified to fit the episode?

The only extract I can find (from the episode) is:

And now it's time for one last bow
Like all your other selves
Eleven's hour is over now
The clock is striking twelve's."


I am inclined to think it was written specifically for the episode.

Every mention of it that I can find online only refers to it as an “extract” and almost always includes a mention of Doctor Who. I’m also unable to find any mention of Eric Ritchie, poet or otherwise, that doesn’t include a mention of this poem.

As further evidence that this was probably a made-up poem, the Google Trends for “Thoughts on a Clock” and “Eric Ritchie” are zero until December 2013, when the two phrases suddenly spiked in popularity. If it was a real poem, I’d expect it to show up somewhere before it was mentioned in a Doctor Who episode.

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I found the whole poem on line and the whole thing is about the doctor

For one the journey had just begun
Old but young his time to come
But soon enough the clock struck two
The face must change the music must too
So two began
And played it cool
To some extent he was a fool
But time it waits
Forno one now
The clock ticked on to three and how
A dandy time
Spent three in time
But the hour of four was soon to chime
The longest hour was spent at four
But soon enough the clock crept lower
The dance of four began to jive
Passing the floor from four to five
Five began with great aplomb
But time is like a ticking bomb
For five the times they went to fast
Soon six was blasting from the past
Six was freash and played it well
But didnt hear the ringing bell
The chime that brought it to an end
Signalled seven to start it all again
Dear seven
He gave his all for what
The Time Lords time
It did just stop
The bell did toll
For eight once more
But not for long
In gallifreyan lore
Like hands of ice
That were frozen in time
The clock thawed once more
And struck number nine
So short was the time
That the clock struck on nine
The adventures were cut short
In space and time
But the clock carried on
With a tick and a tock
And soon it was striking
Upon ten o'clock
The tenth hour was long
With a rich honest glow
But tens time was up
He just didn't want to go :'(
But time waits for no man
Old one or young
And ten became eleven
The final countdown begun
And now its time for one last bow
Like all your other selves
Elevens hour is over now
The clock is striking twelves

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    I've been able to find a copy of this version of the poem here. It appears to be a fan-creation of reddit user James Taplin. It's reposted here without accreditation. – Valorum Jan 24 at 23:50
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    Downvoted, as it's not at all clear that this full poem was written before the episode and used in it, versus the "excerpt" from the poem being all that's written before the episode, and the full poem as listed being a fan creation after the fact. Note that the presence of an emoticon would tend to lend credence to the idea that it's a fan creation. – RDFozz Jan 25 at 0:17

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