Looking for the name of the show/episode/story about a young boy who is living with his parents who are not really seen. He is becoming lonely and one day he meets a pregnant woman who tries to comfort him and tells him his parents love him but they are busy.

I remember one scene when the refrigerator disappears and cookies come flying out of a pantry. Subsequently, a man comes to his home and tells him it's time to be born . . . of course the woman turns out to be his mom.

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    Can you provide any additional clues like when you saw the story? – Null Oct 28 '14 at 3:50
  • I also saw that. It was in a Twilight Zone style show. It may well have been "The Outer Limits" Good luck! – user35370 Oct 28 '14 at 17:47
  • Thanks. Delivering Milo was a nice movie, but not what I have been looking for. It probably took was run in the 90's. Yes to all, it was an anthology show. Still looking, but have not found it. It has become anitch in my brain!! 😁 – user41033 Jan 25 '15 at 19:21

This plot sounds so familiar....I think I must've read it in passing somewhere, I feel like for an episode of an anthology show like Outer Limits or something.

Anyways, this film, Delivering Milo (2001), seems to match:

Elizabeth believes she has gone into labor, but at the hospital, the doctor tells her she was having Braxton Hicks contractions. The reality is that in the world from which babies come, Milo is too scared to leave the comfortable place where he has lived. Since babies must be born in order, no other babies will be born until Milo changes his mind. The people in charge give the job of educating Milo to Elmore, who is in a kind of limbo until he proves he is worthy of Heaven.

Elmore and Milo go out the door which normally serves only as an entrance. Outside is the energetic and terrifying New York City. Elmore loves it, but Milo doesn't want to be in this scary place.

The big news story is the lack of births anywhere.

Elmore eventually takes Milo to Atlantic City, where he loved to gamble when he was alive. Elizabeth also ends up in Atlantic City. Milo's mind is not changed and there is a deadline. A door will close and no more babies will ever be born. In Atlantic City, Elizabeth meets Milo, who realizes Elizabeth is his mother, and decides he wants to be born. He also realizes Elmore is the father who abandoned Elizabeth.

Does that sound like the work you saw?


Think it's "what if" an amazing story



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