I'm looking for the name of the author and a book (or series of books). It is a SF/fantasy mix, probably written in the 90's or later.

The story plays on a planet where there is something seriously wrong with the laws of probability. It is a planet with lifeforms present before colonisation by humans. These lifeforms can "steer" their path of evolution by manipulating the probabilities. The humans find out that only very strong emotions in 1 person, or emotions (faith) carried by many persons seem to stablize the probability. The disturbed probability makes things like guns, powder, explosives very unreliable and dangerous. If i remember well there are also "demons" in the story. The first book starts with some kind of nobleman slaughtering his wife and childeren in a cruel way, which gives him for a longer period certain semi-magical powers.

Many thanks in advance.


The Coldfire Trilogy by C.S. Friedman. Black Sun Rising (1991) is the first book.

Gerald Tarrant is the nobleman who sacrifices his family.

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