In the movie Interstellar they left Earth to another galaxy. Five people left for the mission. When they arrive, part of the crew explores the planet with waves.

One of three people dies at the planet. Romilly (portrayed by David Gyasi) then welcomes them back on the Endeavor, after 23 years which he was living on the ship and not in the cryosleep.

Where is the last member of the crew, Doyle (portrayed by Wes Bentley)?


There are only four in the crew of the Endurance: Cooper, Brand, Doyle and Rommily.

Doyle is the one killed on the water world.

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There were only four human crew members aboard the Endurance;

  • Amelia Brand
  • NFN Doyle
  • NFN Romilly
  • Joseph "Coop" Cooper

And two robots

  • TARS
  • CASE.

Flipping switches and adjusting settings, Amelia, Doyle, and Romilly began powering up what would be their home for — well, who knew how long?She watched Tars activate Case, an articulated machine like himself, who made up the final member of their crew.

Interstellar - Official Novelisation (Plus all quotes below)

Doyle died on Miller's World

The Ranger tilted sharply and seawater slapped Doyle back, out of Case’s grip, as it came raging across the hatch. The ship was lifted and everything went sideways. That fast—the blink of an eye—Doyle was gone.

Romilly died on Mann's World

There was nothing to be seen of Mann’s pod but billowing, oily black smoke, and Cooper knew Romilly was dead. Mann’s story about Kipp had been pure bullshit—Kipp had collected data proving the planet was uninhabitable, and Mann had shut him down. He must have also booby-trapped him, in case anyone started prying.

TARS and Cooper survived and transited to Cooper Station.

He also recognized the voice. Tars. “You survived,” Cooper said.

Amelia Brand and CASE survived and traveled to Edmund's World

Amelia watched, weeping, as Case excavated Wolf’s pod, buried beneath a massive rock fall. Only the robot and the desert witnessed her grief.

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