In Episode I, among the names appointed to succeed Valorum as Chancellor, there was (quoting Panaka):

... Bail Antilles, from Alderaan...

Is this name any reference to the Captain Antilles, former owner of C-3PO in Episode IV?

Another possibility:

The leader of Alderaan was Senator Bail Organa (Leia's adoptive father).

Is this Bail Antilles another name for Bail Organa?


Bail Antilles, Bail Organa, and Captain (Raymus) Antilles are all separate people.

Bail Antilles and Bail Organa are both Senators from Alderaan but are different people. They are each mentioned in The Phantom Menace.

Captain Raymus Antilles' name has been confirmed by Leland Chee, and since his first name is not Bail then he is not the same person as Bail Antilles.

Captain Raymus Antilles -- owner of C-3PO and captain of the Tantive IV -- should not be confused with the Corellian Wedge Antilles, who at one time held the rank of Captain. It makes much more sense that C-3PO was owned by the Alderaanian Raymus than the Corellian Wedge since the Tantive IV on which C-3PO was serving is Alderaanian.

Antilles is a common name in the Star Wars universe but the aforementioned characters are the ones most likely to be confused with one another. Wookieepedia has a list of characters named Antilles.


A pretty quick Google search finds his Wookieepedia page.

Bail Antilles is a different person from Bail Organa, although they are related by marriage.

Captain Wedge Antilles is a different character from a different planet.

According to Wookieepedia "Antilles" is a very common name in the Star Wars Universe.

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