I saw this movie last night on my mum's TV just as i was shutting off the net to go to sleep but after waiting for a bit for a commercial break it didn't come so i couldn't confirm the name of the movie.

From what i saw there are these giant pink spiders. the first scene i saw was a group of people escaping in a bus. they stop at a petrol station to get supplies, inside when they go to pay the clerk says he's not feeling well and this boil he has on the back of his neck explodes and a smaller pink spider crawls along his face. the group find more spiders coming from behind the eggs.

the male African American of the group is trying to hold back the spiders by spaying pest spray before the driver comes up with a spray and a lighter and they use them like flame throwers, though the effect doesn't seem to be all that violent as you would expect.

a giant pink spider which seems to have followed them crashes though the window and the group go to flee to the bus with the African American saying he'll hold the spider back and throws cans at it, after nailing it one one he flees to.

there's an old man who earlier when comment on one of the characters saying spiders don't eat people was talking about seeing a tarantula suck the eyeball out of a dead person. as the group flees to the buss and giant pink spider comes down and the scene cut from that to the bus driver and back to the old man with the spider ontop of him doing something to his face.

there is a part where the bus driver goes to call his boss to ask what to do, his boss in on a watercraft and angerly tells the bus driver

you're in your 30's and driving buses for a living, take charge of your life and grow up

or something along those lines, however it seemed that the bus driver is hesitant of being the leader of the group and the boss's words, indirectly, are spurring him on to lead the group.

there is also a woman in the group who seems to be the mother figure, i think her son is a bus driver also as when she makes a call to him it cuts to a cheer leader bus with him driving (not answering his phone probably because he can't hear it over the cheerleaders)

  • A very well described ident question. For the record I searched for "giant fire breathing pink spiders" in order to find the answer. It was the top result on google – Valorum Nov 12 '14 at 22:27
  • @Richard the spiders didn't breath fire, at least as far as i know, i thought the pest sprays were lit with a lighter like you do with deodorant since the African American didn't have a flame until after the bus driver turned up so i assumed he brought a lighter. maybe the pest sprays caught from the spiders breath fire but i didn't see that. – Memor-X Nov 12 '14 at 22:38
  • 1
    also i have Arachnophobia and i have this really bad memory of being stuck in a tree because of what i remember of a large pink spider at the trunk so googling it is not good for my nerves, i can watch the movie fine cause i was at home which i know is safe and the spiders in the film, to me, looked like ants (the characters say they were spiders that's how i know, i don't count legs since in my head i don't want to be corrected and learn their spiders) – Memor-X Nov 12 '14 at 22:39

This is "Arachnoquake". A quick look at the trailer suggests that buses and giant pink spiders are something of a theme.

enter image description here

  • yeh, that's it, looking at the imdb link one of the photos is that of what i described about the small pink spider on the clerks face, i'll have to wait a few more minutes before i can accept it – Memor-X Nov 12 '14 at 22:16
  • 2
    @Memor-X - Might I suggest you actually watch a good film instead? Pick one of these at random popularmechanics.com/technology/digital/fact-vs-fiction/… – Valorum Nov 12 '14 at 22:19

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