I already know the URL itself. I want to know which pages contain the typos that make up the URL for the Easter egg in the book Ready Player One.

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    It's not one page. It's a whole load of intentional typos throughout the book that make up the URL. – phantom42 Nov 19 '14 at 20:51

Scattered throughout the text of Almanac were a series of marked letters. Each of these letters had a tiny, nearly invisible "notch" cut into its outline. I'd first noticed these notches the year after Halliday died. I was reading my hard copy of the Almanac at the time, and so at first I thought the notches were nothing but tiny printing imperfections, perhaps due to the paper or the ancient printer I'd use to print out the Almanac. But when I checked the electronic version of the book available on Halliaday's website, I found the same notches on the exact same letters. And if you zoomed in on one of those letters, the notches stood out plain as day.
Halliday had put them there. He'd marked these letters for a reason.
There turned out to be one hundred and twelve of these notched letters scattered throughout the book. By writing them down in the order they appeared, I discovered they spelled something.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, chapter "0006"

Ready Player One features notched letters as well.

The first line of each chapter, except for chapter "0017", is written in a different font. The first lines of the chapters "0000" through "0006" have similar notches.

These letters spell out


In other words,

the website anoraksalmanac.com


This page on reddit suggests that there wasn't a single page, it was a series of typos within the dead tree version of the book, marked against the chapter headings.

If you look in a physical copy of the book, you'll notice the first lines/words of each chapter are in a different font

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