I've read some sci-fi novel long ago where lizards during natural selection became more advanced than humans. Also, as some clue, in that book's world transport was mostly biological - I remember giant fishes used as transport. Can't remember its title.


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"West of Eden" by Harry Harrison.

The dinosaur race is known as the Yilanè. The human-like race, the Tanu, had evolved from new world monkeys instead of apes.

The story continues in two sequels, Winter in Eden and Return to Eden.

Wikipedia notes:

The Yilanè, having had millions of years of civilization, have a very advanced society primarily based on a mastery of the biological sciences, especially genetic engineering, so much so that almost every tool and artifact they use is a modified lifeform. Their boats were originally squids, their submarines are enhanced ichthyosaurs (here called uruketos), while their guns are modified monitor lizards which eject projectiles using pressurised gas.

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