I'm trying to track down a short scifi story I once read. It was about an alien probe scanning the world and accidently erasing 2 days of everyone's memory. So when everyone wakes up on Monday, they're surprised to find that it's actually Wednesday.

Each morning everyone has to re-learn current events to get up to speed. Slowly the world has to rely on retirees as the younger generation forget everything and revert to a younger age.


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It's Phillip Jose Farmer, "Sketches Among the Ruins of My Mind" (summary from The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page):

A space ship arrives in our solar system and time starts going backwards. People wake up thinking its Wednesday but it is really Sunday and they had no memory of the last four days. The next day is worse as the same thing happens and they lose four more days. This goes on and on as grown people start drooling like babies and are unable to take care of themselves. How do the world governments deal with the problem and what are the long term affects on society?

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