I'm looking for the title and author of a non-series book which was written by a woman in the 1980s. The details of the book are:

  • The main character is a female trader dealing with smugglers
  • She's a lesbian or bisexual
  • The story is set on a non-earth planet
  • The lead character becomes involved with a female smuggler
  • The secondary character is a male net runner who collects info for her
  • Ultimately the female smuggler is killed

The author has also written several fantasy novels. The Book was most likely published by small press. What is the name of this book?

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The book is Mainline by Deborah Christian. I was way off on the date of publication -- it's 1997.


It could be Friends in High Places by Andi Marquette.

Why it fits:

  • Written by a woman (Andi Marquette)
  • About an outlaw female space smuggler (I believe is gay)
  • Two lead characters
    • One male - Kai Tinsdale (the Captain for the "coalition")
    • One female - Torri Rendego (the smuggler)
  • Kai collects information for Torri (she has to decide whether she trusts him or not)

Why it doesn't fit:

  • Published in 2007 (not 1980's)
  • Story is set in "Old-Earth" (not a non-Earth planet)
  • It is a series book (book one of three)
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