Has there ever been any neutral force users (including but not limited to Jedi)? Someone who didn't belong neither to the light nor the dark side of the force, but somewhere in the middle?

I've never read any of the numerous books, but from the movies, I don't remember any mention of someone like this.

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    They're called Gray Jedi. I don't remember any from full canon sources but they are in Legends.
    – Null
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  • Not in the main canon but in the EU books and reference books there are mentions of loads of non-Jedi Force users.
    – Valorum
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  • @Richard can you expand that into an answer? I updated the question Commented Dec 4, 2014 at 15:19
  • Related possible dupe: Were force-sensitives “required” to become Jedi?. Both answers discuss whether or not Force sensitives were necessarily required to align themselves.
    – phantom42
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  • @phantom42 those answers seem to be from a time before canon changed. And question intself seems to invoke EU. I think these are separate questions just on the basis of that
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In Star Wars: Rebels, we are introduced to the Bendu:

enter image description here

The Bendu wields, or perhaps more accurately embodies, the balance between the light and the dark.

KANAN: You’re a Force wielder. But you’re not a Jedi.

BENDU: Wielder? Hmm. Jedi and Sith wield the Ashla and Bogan, the light and the dark. I’m the one in the middle, the Bendu.

Star Wars Rebels: “Steps into Shadow”

That certainly sounds like “someone in the middle.”

Another example is the Father, from the Mortis arc of The Clone Wars.

enter image description here

According to the Databank:

In the mysterious realm of Mortis there exists a trio of beings able to wield the Force in ways no known mortals of the galaxy can. The Father maintained balance between his Daughter and his Son, who expressed affinity to the light and dark side of the Force, respectively.


There are no 'neutral' force-users seen in the official Star Wars canon (e.g the 6 Theatrical movies / the Clone Wars TV series / the Clone Wars film). Almost everyone we meet with any connection to the Force is either a fully paid-up Jedi or a Sith/Dark-Side user.

The closest we come in the EU is probably Aurra Sing. She used to be a Jedi Padawan but left the order to become a bounty hunter specialising in Jedi assassinations.

There's also mention of non-Jedi force-users within the various books (known as Gray Jedi) as well as a host of non-jedi organisations found in the Lucasfilm licensed Jedi Path Manual.

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • Aurra Sing (who shows up in Ep1) was a Padawan who left the order but never aligned with either side. Granted, she became a bounty hunter, but never became a Sith or even a Dark Jedi.
    – phantom42
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  • @Null I am not familiar with the cartoon - wookieepedia names their powers as "magicks", and those allow for feats I've never seen jedi/sith do. Is it confirmed that what they're doing is using the Force? If yes - you could make that into an answer
    – Deltharis
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    @SachinShekhar - No. She's weak in the force but strongly aligned with the light side. When she gains (some) control of her gifts in the EU novels, she basically becomes a jedi padawan
    – Valorum
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    @SachinShekhar - She only uses her powers for good,
    – Valorum
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    @SSumner - She hears Luke under the Cloud City and she "knows" that he got off the Death Star (MKII) OK. scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/9077/…
    – Valorum
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Jedi are good and Sith are evil. Neutral Force users can use powers from the light and dark side of the force. Rey could use force lightning, she could keep the ones she loved from dying and she could use a power I've not seen or heard of until The Rise Of Skywalker. Item Transfer. Ben and Rey could both use Item Transfer. Darth Sidious told Anakin that he could not learn the power to save the ones he loved from a Jedi. I believe him. Jedi are trained to let it go. Yoda specifically told Anakin to let go of his fears. Rey and Ben are true neutral Force users. Never seen Ashoka use and dark side powers. Never saw Qui Gon use any dark side powers. A true neutral of the force does not serve the light or the dark. They make the light and the dark serve them.


'Neutral' force users are called Gray Jedi. One of the most popular force users that meet the criteria for being a Gray Jedi is Qui Gon Jinn. Qui Gon used both light and dark force abilities and light and dark light saber techniques, however, he was more of a light heavy-gray force user. Though he used dark side techniques from time to time, he never truly strayed from the light side. It's one of the main reasons the Jedi Council never promoted him past Master and never allowed him to sit on the Council.

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    Qui-Gonn is far from neutral. He's a Jedi master.
    – Valorum
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  • Jedi Masters can be neutral, Jedi Masters on the council could not be neutral. Not to mention, I said he met the criteria for being neutral and that he was the closest to being neutral. Not once did I say that he was neutral.
    – Robert
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  • I'd imagine he'd be quite offended to be called neutral, having nearly been killed on Jedi business at least 10 times in the last decade (9 if you don't consider that business on Cato Neimoidia to count).
    – Valorum
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  • Just because he was close to being a gray Jedi, doesn't mean he wasn't 100% Jedi. There were Jedi masters that explicitly used dark skills. There are three types of Jedi, dark, gray, and light, then there's the Sith.
    – Robert
    Commented Dec 4, 2014 at 20:15
  • Gray Jedi are Jedi that use both light and dark force abilities. They don't always adhere to either side's teachings. Qui-Gon sought revenge a few times, something a Dark Jedi does. Qui-Gon very often disobeyed orders and went against the Jedi Council. Not something a full light side Jedi does. Even Dooku stated that Jinn would be torn over which side to take during the clone wars.
    – Robert
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Three types of Jedi

Light: Fully light side users who are like Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi and all those guys/girls. Light Jedi only use weak force powers that are for the light such as mind tricks, telekinesis (force waves/pushes and throws/repulsions), and non-aggressive uses of the force.

Dark Jedi: These guys/girls are not quite Jedi and not quite Sith, but are on the dark side of the force.

There are two Dark Jedi:

Jedi version: They seek to make the Jedi Order a Dark Jedi Order but hide within the order, pretending to be benevolent Jedi when they are Dark Jedi with hateful feelings of the Sith but are not true Sith themselves.

Sith Version: They are on the Dark Side and a Sith Lord but consider themselves Jedi, with the moral codes and things the Jedi have but for the sith.

Gray Jedi are truly neutral- not one side or the other.

Then there's Light Sith: Sith who follow the ways of the light (basically a good guy Sith).

But there should be Gray Sith too to balance it out, like the Gray jedi. The Gray Sith doesn't work for a specific side either, but is a Sith instead of Jedi. There should Jensaari class too. And also a Jith class Jedi/Sith, like Jensaari but are true Jedi mixed with Sith, not just force users alone. So a difference between Jensaari and Jith or Sithi- Jith is the Jedi one and Sithi is the Sith one.

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