It's from the 90s, and it's one of those writers like John Peel, or Christopher Pike, or someone like that. I keep thinking it was called something similar to Outer Limits, but that doesn't work.

I can't remember a ton of specifics, but there were a bunch of characters, and they all developed different powers. One kid became a supreme warrior, one was suddenly telepathic, and the one I remember best is a kid who got the short straw - suddenly he found he could speak all known languages (and a bunch more that weren't human.) He said something like, “You guys are all awesome and I'm over here being Translator Boy”.

I think their powers were because their parents were aliens?

I was reading these in the 90s, same time period as Animorphs, Diadem, Fear Street, etc.


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Might be the Mindwarp series by Chris Archer, the kids all inherit abilities from their parents and have silver blood and stuff. Ethan becomes a super warrior, Toni can control lightning/electricity, another can see the future, sort of.

  • And one could speak languages, so that fits. Jun 28, 2021 at 3:03

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