I recently remembered a book I read end 90 beginning 2000, but was very probably older than that, I thought I could find it quickly, but R.R.Martin is overshadowing all other research...

The book is about two society, one of "fire" people, who lives in a desert and fear water (I don t remeber if they drink very little or if water is just a poison to them, but it s bad for them), and "water" people, who can t live if too far from water. The two society are at war for some reason, and a "fire" boy end up loving a "water" girl.

I also remember that a anime movie was made based on this book, but was more lighthearted and centered around the two lover.

Thanks for any help.


enter image description here

I think the anime movie you're talking about is The Rain Children (in french Les Enfants de la Pluie). It's based on a book by Serge Brussolo, a french writer, A l'image du dragon

I couldn't find the title in english though


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