I often hear the abbreviation EPS on Star Trek (EPS Grid, EPS Conduit, etc). I know it relates to the ship’s energy systems, but I'm not sure I’ve ever heard anyone say what it actually is.

So what do the letters EPS actually stand for?


I believe it stands for Electro-plasma system

The electro-plasma system (EPS for short, or more specifically the electro-plasma distribution network, as engineers like to call it) is the primary form of energy distribution on starships.

The technology is based on storing energy in a highly energetic plasma, "electro-plasma," and distributing it throughout the ship via plasma conduits, called EPS conduits. The system of conduits is also referred to as the plasma grid. EPS conduits usually start at a matter-antimatter reaction assembly, also called the warp core, where matter is converted to energy, and extend to all areas of a ship. Plasma conduit power levels are regulated by plasma coolant ducts, and monitored by plasma conversion sensors.

Here is more information on those conduits

And here is an image of a Secondary Plasma System

enter image description here


This is the Electro Plasma System (also known as the Electroplasma System), a series of conduits that travel around the ship providing charged plasma power to vital systems.

A secondary power system also provides electrical energy although very few systems use this largely outdated technology.

The TNG Technical Manual defines it thusly;

Power transmission for onboard systems is accomplished by a network of microwave power transmission waveguides known as the electro plasma system (EPS). Major power supplies derive microwave power from the warp propulsion power conduits and the main impulse engines. Additional feeds draw power from the saucer module impulse engines as well as a number of auxiliary fusion generators. A secondary power distribution system provides electrical power for specialized requirements.

And it's mentioned in several episodes, albeit never by its full name:

NOG: No! I have to listen at precisely eighty two decibels because that's the volume Worf listens at! Of course, if I could've simply told him why I needed two metres of electro-plasma conduit from the Defiant, he probably would've just given it to me and things would be a lot quieter around here! DS9 : In the Cards


DATA: The primary plasma system does not indicate a power drain from any of the transporters.

LAFORGE: Then whoever used the transporter must have bypassed the primary feeds.

DATA: Tracking power from secondary systems. No surges to any of the transporters indicated. TNG : The Mind's Eye


electrical power systems . eps conduit means the mains is run through plastic pipe white above ground to stop uv damage and orange bellow ground .

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    – Adamant
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    How much ground is there on a starship under which to bury this orange conduit?
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