I am watching Game of Thrones on my own time schedule cause I don't have HBO. I just finished Season #3. However, I want to know one spoiler:

Once Bran has mastered warging, could he warg into a messenger raven, fly to Kings Landing, and then try to poke Joffrey in the eye? If he can't, please explain exactly why he cannot?

I get the feeling that warging has ended my love affair with Game of Thrones.


No, because

Joffrey is dead long before Bran masters his Warg abilities.

Well, you did ask for a spoiler.

Aside from that, there are warg characters in the books

like Varamyr Sixskins

who abuse their warg companions to intimidate others, but they're rare. I mean, controlling an animal doesn't give you superpowers. For the most part, animals are below humans in the food chain. And humans have always been reasonably good at ganging up on bullies and pulling them down in the end - just ask Aerys Targaryen, the Second of His Name.

Aside from that, if manageable dragons are a deal breaker for you, you should have gotten leary of the series two seasons ago.

  • whatever. Bran technically could, but he just doesn't want to, right? And, I get a sick feeling Bran will warg into a dragon (which is beyond stupid). Except for Bran and Shae, those actors were fricking amazing. Definitely worth 30 hours of my time. – user312440 Dec 24 '14 at 3:46
  • thanks. I get it now. Fire breathing dragons, wights, then... warging a dragon by a seemingly crippled boy from Winterfell. Well, I'm praying to the old and new gods that someone hurrys-up and hangs Shae. I'll watch that episode!!! – user312440 Dec 24 '14 at 4:25

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