I believe the book series was a trilogy.

The main heroine was a white-haired mage/sorceress whose birth was orchestrated by magical beings in order to combat evil mages/sorcerers. Her companion was Death, who I remember she fell in love with(!) and she dies/ascends at the end of the trilogy after defeating evil.

A specific detail that I remember is that the evil Mage/sorcerer is building a tower and using human remains as mortar.

  • And I did mean death as in a person she actually interacted with and fell in love with towards the end of the series. Dec 27, 2014 at 0:04

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This is "Wizard of the Grove" by Tanya Huff.

This review on Amazon matches a lot of your description;

A lengthy prequel pits Rael, son of the hamadryad against the evil wizard, Kraydak. Rael survives to beget a line of kings who are part Elder Race. Eventually Crystal, the true heroine of this duology is born. Kraydak, the wizard also survives. He has been waiting through many boring thousands of years for the birth of Crystal, the only human who might give him a magical run for his continuing existence. Meanwhile he amuses himself by building towers with human blood as mortar, torturing various walk-ons, etc.--even in this early novel, Tanya Huff writes zingy, attention-getting prose about evil--you gotta hate her bad guys, even though they're often her most interesting characters. Presumably the good guys should be interesting, too. My only problem with Crystal is that she doesn't have room to grow. She starts out as a total knock-out with emerald eyes and silver hair, is born into the royal family, and is the world's most powerful wizard, except for Kraydak.

Oh, and one of the characters is apparently named Lord Death.

enter image description here

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