I have horribly vague memories of this, but lasting ones. I played it on a Radio Shack Tandy Color Computer 2 (maybe the CoCo 3, but I think it was the CoCo 2). It was a point-and-click adventure which included traveling back and forth in time. I am 90% certain that it was set in a museum. It was fairly monochrome, typical for the time. I remember traveling back to a medieval dungeon and also a situation where, to get the diamond, you had to take a lump of coal back in time, put it in a hydraulic press, then go forward in time until it became a diamond. I'm pretty sure one of the game screens had a vintage car on display.

It being on the CoCo 2 puts its publication somewhere between 1983 and 1986.

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This sounds like The Vortex Factor (1985).

The description from Moby Games says:

The Vortex Factor is an adventure about time travel. Your journey begins in the halls of a rather large museum. Your goal in this adventure is to find and collect nine (9) treasures scattered through time and put them in the museum curator’s work room. You will move forward and backward in time to achieve your goal.

This graphical interactive fiction game uses standard single letter directions, N, S, E, W, for movement. You can also SAVE your current location on cassette for restarting later. The command parser is a standard verb-noun type (Go Door). Once you have all of the items in the curator’s work room, type "score" - you win if you accumulated 100 points.

Which sounds lot like what you described, although it is not a point and click adventure.

There are screenshots here:

Science expo Time Machine

  • Ha! That's it, I'm pretty sure. And you're right... that was not a point-and-click adventure.
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