In Planet of The Apes, at the beginning of the movie, Oberon space station looks huge. Thousands of years after its crash, its wreckage does not resemble the original space station. The ruin is really small, compared to the size of the space station.

What happened to the rest? I tried to compare the wreckage with the original spaceship. Is the wreckage the very upper part of the space station ?

  • The control room seen in the buried version is NOT the same control room seen at the beginning. The primary control room seen at the beginning is some distance from the animal cages, whereas the smaller control room seen in the buried version is right around the corner from them. – Omegacron Dec 31 '14 at 16:02

The two most plausible reasons are

A) Most of it is buried under the sand. It's been a long time since it crashed to earth, so enough time has passed that a large portion of it is buried

B) It broke up / burned up on re-entry Only part of the original station made it through the atmosphere

  • Probably a bit of both. Plus, as the OP speculates, only the upper part of the station is visible and/or present. – Omegacron Dec 31 '14 at 16:01

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