I saw a movie or show back in the 80's when I was young that I cannot remember.

Its about a young girl that I think is at a family reunion or maybe vacation and wanders off into the woods/ forest and stumbles upon a house that when she comes out of the woods/ forest so many years have past and her parents are really old but she did not age. Not sure if she went into the house or not.

If anyone has any hints as to what it was I would be greatly happy. I don't know any of the characters in the film.

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    Live-action or cartoon? What language was it in? What country did you see it in? Can you describe any of the characters? Di did it seem to be a feature theatrical release, or a made-for-tv production? Did it seem aimed at any particular age group? Did it have any sort of overt tone (horror, sci-fi, mystery, etc)? Even small details may help us find this for you. – phantom42 Jan 10 '15 at 7:37

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