I hope somebody can help me with this.

  • I read this book like 15 years ago which places it before the year 2000.

  • The main plot of the book is that 2 universes (ours and another one?) are "colliding"

  • Some humans are taken by alien "engineers" (I think that was their name) to their world in order to help to find a solution to the collision problem.

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    This seems very broad indeed. Can you offer any more info about the characters, events?
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  • The OP has confirmed in a comment that this was answered.
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This is Clifford Simak's "Cosmic Engineers".

Our band of three make it to Pluto where they engage the assistance of a genius scientist and a gung-ho spaceman. Contact is established with the mysterious message-senders and our party finishes up at the edge of the universe where the ‘cosmic engineers’ enlist their help to stop two universes colliding. Which of course they do, thereby saving each from total annihilation.

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  • thx!thx!thx!Looking now at the reviews of the book i see people didn't like it very much,i will read it again and see if i find the book like at 15 years.thank you again!
    – milka
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    This here question and this new one are a perfect example of two completely disjoint story-id questions with the same answer. No way anyone could tell from the questions that they're describing the same book.
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