In the story of Star Wars there have been instances where the specific Sith female was considered a "Sith Witch." However there have also been instances where the Sith female was just a Sith.

Now my question is... is "Sith Witch" an actual title bestowed upon certain Sith females that have completed some achievement, or is "Sith Witch" a general term for all Sith females?

Also any other terms and info about the title would be most helpful.


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I believe that a Sith Witch is one who practices Sith Magic:


Males who achieved mastery were known as Sith sorcerers, mages, magicians, or wizards, while females who practiced Sith sorcery were referred to as Sith sorceresses or witches.

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    Is there canon source for this? The word "Witch" in that Wikia article is wholly unreferenced Jan 16, 2015 at 15:51

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