I don't remember much about this story but I read it about 5 years ago, I borrowed it from the school library.

All I can remember is there was this stone in somebody's basement and then one of the character's father's went missing and he was trapped by Dracula back in the past


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The Book of Time by Guillaume Prévost. 2006.

.... Then his father vanishes. Sam waits for him to come home, but more than a week passes without a trace. He goes to the bookstore to search for clues. In a room he'd never seen before, he finds a strange red book called Crimes and Punishment During the Reign of Vlad Tepes, a stone statue with an odd circular indentation in it and a dusty coin with unreadable symbols. . . Eventually, with help from his cousin Lily, he is able to transport back home. Together, they learn more about the time-traveling statue and a man named Vlad Tepes, the inspiration behind the Dracula legends, who they believe is holding Allan in fifteenth-century Wallachia.

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