In The Voyage Home, the former Klingon Bird of Prey "HMS Bounty" leaves very visible footprints/indentations due to its mass, in a clearing in a park in San Francisco. The cloaked landing and the formation of the depressions frighten a couple of city waste collectors.

indentations in the grass

These footprints are essentially (non-circular) "crop circles".

Were the writers inspired by the mania / interest surrounding crop circles (as possible markings left by extraterrestrial vessels) in the second half of the 80s?

Also, is there any reference in the Star Trek Extended Universe to these footprints left behind by the Bounty?

  • Note: My question is not about why park-goers didn't seem to bump into the cloaked ship more often, or at least have baseballs etc. bounce off of it. :-) – Praxis Jan 25 '15 at 23:59
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    Although that's actually a pretty good question. – Valorum Jan 26 '15 at 0:22
  • They were essentially crop circles, apart from the fact that they weren’t in a crop, and they weren’t circles. – Paul D. Waite Feb 29 '16 at 12:24

There are no references to the footprints (as far as I'm aware) in any other EU properties, but the scorched earth circle is mentioned in the official novelisation. The two council workers; Javy and Ben return to the park on several occasions in the hopes of getting another glimpse of their elusive vision. When the ship finally takes off, leaving only a burn-mark on the ground they decide not to tell anyone about it, for fear of being dismissed as cranks.

"I saw it," Javy said. "I saw its shadow, anyway." "But, I mean, we would of seen it and we would of been able to show it to other people. To a reporter, maybe, and they'd write us up in a book and maybe we'd get on Johnny Carson." He brightened. "Maybe if we show them the burned place-"

"Maybe if we show them the burned place, they'll arrest us for arson. Or they'll write us up as a couple of nut cases," Javy said. "And maybe they'd be right. We don't have any proof. A burned place and a shadow."

"I'm really sorry," Ben said again, downcast. "Don't be, Ben, it's okay, honest."

"I'd be mad, if I were you."

"Maybe I ought to be," Javy said. "Except ... " He hesitated, not sure he wanted to say it out 'loud before he was certain it was true.


What the hell. Telling Ben the story had always worked before. Javy grinned. "I figured out how to end my novel," he said.

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    Great answer, as usual! :-) – Praxis Jan 26 '15 at 0:13

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