I am looking for a movie in which a kid fell in a sewer accident/challenge and ends up in a different universe. I remember the kid having a problem with one of his legs some sort of iron staff was surrounding his leg from the knee down.

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Warriors of Virtue (1997).

Ryan Jeffers suffers a disability to his leg, preventing him from trying out for sports and is instead a waterboy to the school's football team. He has a crush on a girl at school, but it happens to be quarterback Brad's girlfriend, which earns him ire from the popular kids. Ryan is an avid comic book reader and dreams of adventure, hiding his depression over his leg from his mother. One day, Ryan meets with Ming, the owner of his favorite restaurant, who gives him a manuscript of Tao, representing the five elements; Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood, and advises him to live no matter what his physical limits are. That night, Ryan and his best friend Chucky are met by Brad and his friends who want to initiate them with their group. They are led to a water plant where Ryan must cross a narrow pipe to sign his name on a wall on the other side. Ignoring Chucky's warnings, Ryan attempts to do it. But a water pipe opens up, throwing Ryan into the water.

Ryan wakens in a forest and is attacked by strange creatures, he is rescued by a strange creature from the lake and runs, realizing that his leg now works. He meets Mudlap, a diminutive creature who leads him to Elysia.

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