I remember this movie from the 80's or early 90's. Might have been a TV movie. Looking for the name. Plot outline:

  • movie producer/director is making an alien-themed film
  • has a young boy (hispanic/latino, perhaps) as a helper around the office and/or set
  • boy and his mother are about to be evicted by a wealthy landlord that lives in a big house sort-of in the country (i.e. not suburbs)
  • producer/director uses props and special effects to "land" a UFO on the landlord's property during dinner
  • "abduct" the guy, load the UFO onto a semi trailer, drive back to soundstage
  • the semi with the ufo on the trailer gets pulled over by a cop at one point and it looks like the jig is up (false alarm)
  • take the guy aboard the "mothership" where he sees a particular symbol all over
  • they tell him he'll recognize the "chosen one" or whatever by that symbol
  • at some point in this you see an actor in an alien suit off-duty smoking a cigarette
  • return the landlord home or release him
  • they rush to get a medallion to the boy with that logo on it
  • landlord sees it, takes the heat off the mother/boy re: eviction
  • happily ever after?