I read a sci-fi/thriller novel many years ago, probably published between 1980-1990 in the USA in English that had the following elements:

  1. A feral child/teen is found in the wilderness, but his brain is underdeveloped.
  2. Scientists "fix" him with a brain tissue transplant to increase his intelligence.
  3. The child rapidly develops vast intelligence, surpassing his doctors.
  4. The doctors hire a prostitute to do an experiment on the teen/experiment
  5. Teen develops telepathy
  6. Teen uses super brain to augment another low-intelligence female patient.
  7. The book ends with the end of the world and the teen and his newly-enhanced female friend watch the end of the world from a jungle. There is a definite Adam/Eve vibe to the ending.
  8. Protagonist may be named Adam.

After much research on multiple search engines, I found the answer!

"The Adam Project" by William Woolfolk.

The Adam Project by William Woolfolk

Though published, Amazon does not even list the book at all. I eventually found a single reference to it on a British fiction site.


Apparently the author had better success with comic books than novels and so published relatively few. That said, Wikipedia says he sold a great deal of them.


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    It sounds awful. That said, congrats on finding it. – Valorum Feb 9 '15 at 0:12
  • Thank you. What bothers me the most was it was not a great novel, but the lack of a title was driving me crazy. – Vicpylon Feb 9 '15 at 0:14

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