This was a book I read a few years ago as an eighth grader. I remember the book being fairly old, maybe written in the 80's?

It was a book about humans who were very advanced and went undercover to help another planet thrive. The humans taught a girl on the primitive planet telekinesis and gave them challenges to survive through.
The opening scene was the spaceship leaving I think? It had imperial in the title I believe. I don't know why I remember this but there was a scene where the humans give the girl a lantern and she asks them how they put the sun in a glass jar.


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I think this is Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl. First published in 1970.

"Elana belongs to a peaceful, technologically advanced, space-faring civilization called the "Federation", which monitors worlds which are still "maturing", allowing them to grow without any sort of contact or intervention. Elana stows away on a ship in order to accompany her father on a mission to a planet where intervention has been deemed necessary because a technologically advanced empire has invaded the planet in order to take advantage of its resources. In order to lead a young woodcutter (a native of that planet) against them (without exposing him to the truth about either alien civilization) Elana takes on the role of an enchantress. She gives him various tools, leading him to believe that they are magical." -Wikipedia summary


"Elana poses as an enchantress and teaches Georyn and Terwyn, two woodcutter's sons, to use telepathy to scare the Imperials. Before this, Georyn and Terwyn are trusted with three tasks by the Starwatcher, an old man who is actually Elana's father. First, they must retrieve a magical disc (actually an inter-comm unit), a piece of the sun (an electric lamp), and a magic cup (an ordinary cup which Elana moves with psychokinesis) with Evrek, Elana's fiance, as the "demon" who challenges them to reach their full potential." - TV Tropes

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