I vaguely remember this story (which I saw a long time ago) where a guy meets this new girl while all alone on a bridge at night. She comes into his life and makes everything alright about him. He becomes the coolest guy and everything turns out well; all because of this girl. I think the plot revolves around finding out how she was killed by a car accident at the bridge.
Then she has to go, I don't remember the reason why. I think she goes away from him forever near that bridge mentioned earlier. I do remember that the last scene of this movie was that this guy finds out that a new girl which has come to school is the real girl who hasn't ever met this guy. She has the same name but doesn't know the guy at all. I also remember that the whole story was set in the 60s or 70s and the girl was from the previous decade. I also remember that the guy was wearing white coat when he met the girl.
Can somebody please identify this movie for me please? I would love to watch it again; was an unusual love story.

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I believe this movie is Susie Q.

The movie is about a boy that's having various issues, and finds the dead girl's bracelet that enables him to see her ghost. The girl died 40 years earlier in a car accident near a bridge. Her ghost ends up being involved in the lead boy's home and school life.

Note the white sleeves on the movie poster
enter image description here

Per the Wiki synopsis, the movie's final scene:

In the closing scene, Zach meets a girl who looks identical to Susie and who introduces herself as Maggie.

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