I know how the Tom Cruise movie Oblivion ends.

Jack and Malcolm destroy the Tet mother ship

But what happens to the water processors after?

Do they shut down and fall into the ocean? Are they still functioning?

No mention is made at the end of the movie. Thank you

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The script is explicit on the issue. The "water processors" you've described are referred to by a different name:

Much earlier

Jack shifts the Bubbleship, in the distance a series of RESOURCE-GATHERERS on the horizon. Essentially titanic vacuums, sucking up the oceans.

After the explosion there was an unfilmed sequence:


DRONES fall from the sky, powerless... A RESOURCE GATHERER YAWS, losing power, and falls ponderously into what remains of the sea...


I believe when the Tet pyramid was nuked, all the water processors, like all the drones, simply powered down and fell where ever they were.

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    You're correct but it would have been better to offer some evidence to back up your assertion.
    – Valorum
    Feb 16, 2015 at 19:42

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