I read this story in the early 2000's, found it in a hospital gift shop. The story centered around a small town where the kids begin to notice that the adults are acting strangely. I remember there being some kids that lived on farms. Only the kids knew about the invasion and no one believed them. As the aliens realized that the kids were on to them, they were creating accidents to kill the kids. I remember one part where one of the kids died because he was run over by a tractor. There might have been a reaction from the aliens to water, if I remember correctly. The final showdown took place in a school (the high school I think?) where the kids were able to defeat the aliens. The kids were not high school-aged, more like early Tweens-teens. The cover was a little on the cheesy side, showing the kids with the town in the background, and the green alien lights.

This book has sentimental value. I've been looking for years, but can't find much without a title. Thanks.


This sounds a bit like it might have been a novelization of the movie "The Faculty" from 1998. The following Wiki site has a promotional movie poster cover that matches what you describe as the book cover. As you note, only the kids are aware that something is going wrong and start getting killed off. Too, the showdown does occur at the school with the kids being able to defeat the alien leader. Finally, the aliens in the film are found to have a weakness due to:

A drug that acts as a diuretic that removes water from them.

However, I don't specifically remember a scene with a tractor running over a kid.

Wiki Cover

enter image description here

  • No, the kids were much younger. – JaneD. Feb 24 '15 at 21:52

Does this sound familiar?


I've been looking for the same book for years. I read it as a kid on a trip to Disney World. This is the closest book I've found that vaguely feels like the same as one I read, but I don't know cause I don't really remember it that well. I always thought it was more of an obscure book, kinda let down if it was just another animorphs.

  • No you’re right, it’s definitely not an animorphs book. Still haven’t had luck in finding the novel. – JaneD. Jan 3 '18 at 17:34

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