The story is a novel of an orphan who becomes a detective and investigates a murder. The murder occurs among three groups of genetically enhanced humans. If I remember correctly one group dies, one group commits suicide, and the last group is where the investigation takes place. I believe its one of this group who is murdered. This group are geniuses and the detective is seduced/fascinated by a new art form invented by this group or the group who committed suicide. I can't remember much else.

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    Is this a short story? A novel? A film? A TV Series? – FuzzyBoots Mar 10 '15 at 19:19
  • Random guess, since I don't know what media OP is asking for: Orphan Black, Canadian TV series which also aired on BBC America. " The series begins with Sarah Manning, a con artist by trade, witnessing the suicide of a woman, Beth Childs, who appears to be her doppelgänger. Sarah takes on Beth's identity and occupation as a police detective after Beth's death. During the first season, Sarah discovers that she is a clone, that she has many 'sister' clones spread throughout North America and Europe, and that someone is plotting to kill them and her." – Trish Ling Mar 10 '15 at 19:24

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