This was a book that I read in about 1998.

The story opens with a scene in a teenager's bedroom, where a friend is sleeping over. There is the sound of breaking glass from downstairs; shortly after, the bedroom door opens, and the friend is run through with a pike and lifted out. The intruders smell of death, and seem to be covered in dead skin. The narrator (a girl if I remember correctly) survives as she is in the shadows. The rest of the family is raped and murdered. It's not actually supernatural, but the gang of killers initially appear to be monsters, or other-worldly.

Thereafter the point of view switches with each chapter between the surviving girl and one of the gang members.

The title of the book was something like "The Longest Night" or "The Long Day". I can't remember the author's name. I think the story takes place over about 24 hours, but am not sure.

I'd love to be able to recall the title and author, and would appreciate any help.

  • Are there any sci fi or fantasy elements to the book? It doesn't sound like it from what you describe. Unfortunately, if it doesn't, it's off-topic here. – phantom42 Mar 14 '15 at 1:24
  • The book appears to be supernatural from the opening. The killers appear to be monsters, or other-worldly. Perhaps that's too tenuous. Sorry. – Rhubbarb Mar 14 '15 at 1:32
  • @Rhubbarb: You should edit your question to make the supernatural element more obvious. – Joe L. Mar 14 '15 at 1:51

I think this is Endless Night by Richard Laymon.

Jody is pretty tough for a sixteen-year-old girl. That's the only reason she's still alive - for now. She was sleeping over at her friend Evelyn's house when a group of killers broke in and tried to slaughter everyone. She saw Evelyn spitted on a spear, but Jody managed to escape, along with Evelyn's little brother, Andy. — Simon was one of the killers that gruesome night. His friends have left it up to him to find the only living witnesses to their massacre. Or else they'll butcher his family next. But Simon has his own reasons for wanting to get his hands on Jody...

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    David Welch and @SeanDuggan: Fantastic. It was indeed Endless Night by Richard Laymon. My friend that loaned this to me died so I could not ask him, sadly. I've been trying to recall that for many years. I'm glad to see that I was not too far from the title. Now, I can buy myself a copy. I am immensely pleased to be able to do this now; thank you so much. – Rhubbarb Jan 9 '16 at 14:24

The book is INTENSITY by DEAN KOONTZ. Fantastic book!

It is only about 1 killer though(if it is the same book that I am thinking of) The killer is Edger Vess and he also has a captive young girl in a secret room in the basement and has trained dobermans...great book if it's the same one...if not, I highly recommend it :)

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