The book is about a girl who enters a competition to go into space

  • One of the tests was a colour test and they also had to go in one of those spinning things
  • The woman running the competition was very rich

The ship was called the Adventurer

  • They went past Jupiter
  • They stopped at a re-fueling station they had to space walk to get into; there was wine

They get sucked into some sort of wormhole which is making everything younger

  • Everybody was told that the ship was new but the ship doesn't start getting 'younger' for a couple of years worth of 'youngening'
  • There was a really young clever boy talking about Schrödinger's cat
  • Is this a young adult novel? – John Rennie Mar 20 '15 at 9:17
  • Well time frame starts from 1935 onwards then.. Can you narrow it down any :) – Dreamwalker Mar 20 '15 at 13:29
  • @Dreamwalker wormholes were only named so in 1957. – Mr Lister Mar 20 '15 at 19:10

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