Looking for a young adult book I read in my high school library in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, back in the early 1990's about a teenager who makes three dragons out of paper mache, and they come to life and attack him.

I have looked all over and cannot find out anything else about this book, author unknown, title unknown.


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The book you are looking for may be Dragon Fall, by Lee J. Hindle. Written in 1984. Loved this book when I was a kid.

cover of "Dragon Fall" by Lee J. Hindle

From the back cover:

It started late one Saturday night after he got home from a rock concert. Something grabbed him from behind. Something that wanted to hurt him.
Then the voices began. Threatening. Warning. Vicious.
At first he thought it was his imagination. Gabe had an excellent imagination. He used it to design monsters. Five-foot-tall, red-eyed, jagged-toothed monsters. The kind that sold to toy stores for big money.
But Gabe isn't thinking about money right now. Because a night alone is turning into a night of terror. He is looking at the worst nightmare his mind ever imagined. And they're coming to tear his flesh.
Now... Right now!


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