Please help me identify this SF short story.

What I remember: Several characters at a party. All of the attendees are very intelligent. One of the guests poses a hypothetical question about how someone would go about breeding humans to become starship engineers.

The party guests develop a scheme. Then all the guests including the one asking the question get whisked away. The guests are broken into groups and dispersed among several habitable planets in other star systems.

As a joke, the person who asked the question (who we now know was an alien breeding for starship engineers) rolled a huge chocolate coin candy down the hill to one group of smart people.


I remember that. It was a short story by Larry Niven called "What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers?" It was in the book "All the Myriad Ways" and reprinted in N-Space.

  • Wow, I'm a huge Niven fan and read most of his works. I would never have associated it with him. – Jim2B Mar 29 '15 at 2:56

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