I remember that Hermione was nicknamed Hermy by someone in the HP series. I am not sure of the answer, so I have asked it out.

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Hagrid did, in order to make it easier for his big little brother to remember her rather more difficult full name:

“An’ this is Hermione, see? Her—” Hagrid hesitated. Turning to Hermione, he said, “Would yeh mind if he called yeh Hermy, Hermione? On’y it’s a difficult name fer him ter remember.”

Order of the Phoenix, Ch. 30 - Grawp

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It was Grawp, Hagrid's half-brother. He couldn't pronounce Hermione: Hermy was the best he could do, best seen when Umbridge, Harry and Hermione are in the Forbidden Forest togther:

'"HERMY!" roared Grawp. "WHERE HAGGER?"'
- The Order of the Phoenix, chapter 33, Fight and Flight, p. 758

He couldn't manage Hagrid, either (he went with Hagger).

EDIT: Krum also had trouble with her name, and pronounced it "Herm-own-ninny", though Grawp is most likely who you're thinking of (Krum only said it wrong once, and it wasn't a nickname).

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    That suggests that the previous answer is a bit better than this one, because Hagrid asked Hermione if Grawp could call her "Hermy" three chapters before Grawp did so in your quote. – Wad Cheber Nov 3 '15 at 0:53

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