Once I saw a series or a movie split into approx. 3-6 parts, where the main characters were four or five kids/teenagers and they somehow managed to get on a spaceship that was supposed to go into deep space or maybe some constellation. On route they discovered there was some sort of plan to turn them into cyborgs. I have no idea what country filmed it but i guess it was shot sometime between 1985 - 1995. Any ideas? The question has been chasing me for years:)



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Possibly Earth Star Voyager? It aired in 1988 as a two-part pilot. The primary crew are teenagers and young adults. Their mission is to a distant Earthlike planet. Also, there are cyborgs involved, though I'm not sure if you could characterize it as a plot to turn the kids into cyborgs.

Apparently, the full movie is on YouTube:

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