I am having a difficult time remembering this one old series that I watched on Netflix kids when I first tried Netflix.

I remember that the title was around Xero since I remember that I thought that the title was Near Zero.

Some of the characters was this alien girl that looks like a human, female, teenager that has a backpack with her 24/7. This backpack is a armored lizard (That can stand on two of its feet) that need to be with her to recharge. I recall that there was a portal in the boiler room from a school (With no one in it usually) that allowed her to go into this dimension. These two boys, what their name is, I can't recall, followed her, if I remember correctly, and they went into the dimension.

In the real world, it was live action but in the dimension, it was a video game style. When a person went into the dimension, they got armor and a weapon. The two boys found the alien girl (that looks like a teenage girl) crouching down doing something (looking for the boss?) with the tech lizard right by her.

I remember that they went to a new level after season 1, where, if my memory serves me right, where they lost one of the boys that later appears as a orb of light that helps them occasionally (but not fighting).


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This is Zixx.

The description on Wikipedia tallies nicely:

The show consists of a mixture of live action "real world" sequences interspersed with computer-generated scenes set inside a virtual realm. In Zixx Level One, Elliott Digital used a game engine to create the animation, the first time this was done for a television show.

Flanngo: Zixx's investigative partner and mentor for several eons, he is a cynical, wise-cracking thick-skinned detective from the same planet as Zixx. While Zixx is the brains of the pair, Flanngo is the brawn; he's fast, tenacious and like Zixx, someone you don't want to mess with. He is surly and has the appearance of a theropod dinosaur. He tends not to use inventory or weapons other than shields, preferring his natural bodily abilities. In level 1, Flanngo can't go outside the Keep, except inside Zixx's backpack, because breathing Earth's air is toxic to him. However, in Level 2, Flanngo couldn't leave the Keep until he was accidentally ejected from the Keep in the form of a teenage boy in a dragon costume.

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