I don't know if I dreamt this story or of it was real but I remember watching this old black and white sci fi TV show. A group of people are taking a trip in a luxurious space ship. Something strange starts happening to the crew and passengers.

Some stuff happens that I don't remember but in the end we find out that there was a plant in the ship that mutated from "space radiation" or something like that and grew huge and hungry for humans.

The show was something akin to Twilight Zone or X Minus One. Does this ring a bell to anyone or did I just dream it?

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    This is almost certainly not it, but I'm vaguely reminded of the old Doctor Who episode "Nightmare of Eden". It wasn't black-and-white (and being from 1979, it probably wasn't broadcast that way in many places), but it had the luxury liner and the weird plants, although the people-killing monsters were actually made of drugs (it was the 70s). Also from Who: "Terror of the Vervoids"; genetically engineered plant-monsters on board a luxury space cruise start killing people Commented Apr 18, 2015 at 2:12
  • Nope not a Dr Who. Was much more like Twilight Zone, think it was short with a twist at the end.
    – jecxjo
    Commented Apr 18, 2015 at 2:16

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Might be an episode of The Outer Limits, "Counterweight". Wikipedia description (spoilers):

Four scientists, a newspaper man and a construction tycoon agree to spend 261 days in isolation in an interstellar flight simulation to planet Antheon, a world that would be a potential target for future human colonization. But the experiment is secretly infiltrated by an extraterrestrial presence, who causes the subconscious mind of the various passengers to go amok: one of the passengers finds the doll of his deceased daughter on his bed, while another one is almost choked in his sleep by invisible hands. As months pass onboard, relations between passengers become increasingly tense and uneasy, each one being faced with his own part of darkness. Horror eventually escalates with the plants of one passenger coming to life and destroying one another and the presence incarnating itself into one of the plants and making it grow into a huge, hideous creature. The extraterrestrial mind eventually reveals itself to the entire crew, claiming to be one of Antheon's indigenous inhabitants. The Humans are accused of planning to come to Antheon with intentions of aggressive colonization, one thing the aliens cannot accept. In the end, the simulation is interrupted.

You can also watch it on archive.org:


  • I remembered the stairs to the stairs to the sleeping area and knew this was the show. Thank you very much.
    – jecxjo
    Commented Apr 18, 2015 at 2:31

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