Dreamsongs vol 1 lists the following in the intro to Section 3:

  • The Hero (mentioned)
  • Dying of the Light (first novel, mentioned)
  • Included in Dreamsongs Vol 1
    • A Song for Lya
    • This Tower of Ashes
    • And Sever Times Never Kill Man
    • The Stone City
    • Bitterblooms
    • The Way of Cross and Dragon

What other stories are set in this setting?

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    Excellent! I'd read the Dying of the light years ago but had no idea it was part of a series. Thanks :)
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    Understandable because of the success of GoT, but I wish he would write more SF. Commented Jul 7, 2015 at 15:30

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This series was a hard one to try to track down, but it became easier once I found that the series' name is "The Thousand Worlds." Here's what I was able to find:

  • "A Song for Lya"
  • "And Seven Times Never Kill Man"
  • "Bitterblooms"
  • "Dark, Dark Were the Tunnels"
  • "In the House of the Worm"
  • "Men of Greywater Station"
  • "Nightflyers"
  • "Sandkings"
  • "Starlady"
  • "The Glass Flower"
  • "The Hero"
  • "The Stone City"
  • "This Tower of Ashes"
  • "Warship" (with with George Guthridge)
  • "With Morning Comes Mistfall"

  • Haviland Tuf stories (collected in Tuf Voyaging):

    • "The Plague Star"
    • "A Beast for Norn"
    • "Guardians"
    • "Call Him Moses"
    • "Loaves and Fishes"
    • "Manna from Heaven"
    • "Second Helpings"

There's also a never-finished novel, Avalon.

Source for most of this

  • I loved Sandkings. I never knew it was part of a unified future universe along with Haviland Tuf. I love Tuf's cats.
    – Zan Lynx
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  • Fun fact: Sandkings was adapted into an episode of The Outer Limits (written by Martin's frequent collaborator Melinda M. Snodgrass): en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sandkings This was my favourite episode of the series, and at the time I had no idea it was based on George R. R. Martin's work! Commented May 27, 2021 at 14:15

This is what I found regarding the Thousand Worlds

  • "A Song for Lya" (Mentions Hrangans)
  • "And Seven Times Never Kill Man" (Mentions Hrangans, Fyndii, the Pale Child)
  • "Bitterblooms" (Mentions Avalon)
  • "Dying of the Light" (Mentions Hrangans, Fyndii, Avalon, Earth Ecological Corps, Celia, Jamison's World)
  • "In the House of the Worm" (Earth's Ecological Corps appears)
  • "Men of Greywater Station" (Mentions Fyndii)
  • "Nightflyers"(Mentions Hrangans)
  • "Sandkings"(Mentions Celia's World)
  • "Starlady" (Mentions Hrangans)
  • "The Glass Flower"(Mentions Fyndii, Liars)
  • "The Hero" (Mentions Hrangans)
  • "The Lonely Songs of Laren Dorr" (Mentions the Pale Child)
  • "The Stone City" (Mentions Hrangans, Fyndii)
  • "The Way of Cross and Dragon" (Mentions Celia's World, Liars)
  • "This Tower of Ashes" (Mentions Jamison's World)

-"Tuf Voyaging" (Mentions Earth Ecological Corps, Hrangans)

-- "The Plague Star" -- "A Beast for Norn" -- "Guardians" -- "Call Him Moses" -- "Loaves and Fishes" -- "Manna from Heaven" -- "Second Helpings"

  • Avalon (unfinished)

Here's what I found. The last two I'm unsure about because I haven't read them yet. I'd recommend starting with The Hero, skipping Men of Greywater Station and then reading Tuf Voyaging, Sandkings and Dying Of the Light. They're all good stories.

  1. The Hero
  2. Men of Greywater Station
  3. Bitterblooms
  4. In the House of the Worm
    Tuf Voyaging
  5. The Plague Star
  6. Loaves and Fishes
  7. Guardians
  8. Second Helpings
  9. A Beast For Norn
  10. Call Him Moses
  11. Manna From Heaven
  12. Starlady
  13. Nightflyers (Original)
    • 13b. Nightflyers (Novella)
  14. This Tower of Ashes
  15. And Seven Times Never Kill Man!
  16. The Way of Cross and Dragon
  17. Dying of the Light
  18. The Glass Flower
  19. The Stone City The Corpse Handlers
  20. Nobody Leaves New Pittsburg
  21. Override
  22. Meathouse Man
  23. Sandkings
  24. A Song for Lya
  25. Warship
  26. The Runners
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