If General Zod had a son, would the symbol on his chest be the same as seen in the film or would he have his own?


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In short, yes. The symbols seen on the chests of each of the Kryptonian characters are indicators of their noble houses. Kal-el/Superman's house is the 'House of El' and is symbolised by an S-shaped squiggle. His father, Jor-El wears the same symbol throughout the film.

As the main representative of the House of Zod, you would expect Dru-Zod (AKA. General Zod) to pass the symbol along to his descendants.

The novelisation concurs:

The steel-blue suit, which had once belonged to a distant ancestor, fit him perfectly. The crest of the House of El was emblazoned in crimson upon his broad chest. A gust of Arctic wind lifted the red cape that now flowed from his shoulders. The colorful outfit was like nothing he had ever worn before, but felt natural upon his frame.

As a matter of interest, in the comic universe, neither of Zod's children wear the symbol of the house of Zod.

enter image description here

  • Purely as a matter of interest -Part II, to celebrate the launch of the film you were able to use the "house symbol generator" to learn your noble house
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