In Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake remarks that he didn't expect a designer of world-class technology to be so cute. How could he notice she was cute if the codec directly stimulates the bones of the inner ear?


He may have been commenting on how cute she sounds. In both the Japanese and English dubs Mei Ling VAs gave her a rather "cutesy" voice. A closer look at the conversation and you'll see he doesn't say she looks cute, only that she's cute.

Mei Ling : What's wrong?

Snake : Nothing...I just didn't expect a world-class designer of military technology to be so...cute.

Also, Snake has something of a reputation as a ladies man and was probably playing up the part. A latter conversation with Meryl alludes to this.

Snake : It's your eyes.

Meryl : My eyes?

Snake : They're not soldiers eyes.

Meryl : They're rookie's eyes, right?

Snake : No, they're beautiful compassionate eyes.

Meryl : Just what I'd expect from the legendary Solid Snake. You trying to sweep me off my feet?

Snake : Don't worry. You'll land back on them once you meet me. The reality is no match for the legend, I'm afraid.

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