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A number of years ago, I read a novel of a colony on a world that was covered by dense forest. The native people were human-like but had prehensile toes and lived in the forest canopy layer in villages that were a single tree that recognised them and would allow entry. The natives bond with a semi-sentient "pet" that in a twist at the end turns out to actually be stage of a plant's lifecycle. The humans are destroying forest for commercial gain and one of their ships crashs and is discovered by the natives who have a special bond with their "Home Tree" (no its not Avatar).

One other detail I remember is the fact that the planet's surface is extremely "hostile" and dangerous.

I am trying to find it again but can't remember the book or the author (I seem to recall he/she wrote some Star Trek stories as well)

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The author is Alan Dean Foster, there are two novels involving the humans on the forested world. The one your thinking of is Mid-Flinx the protagonist is Flinx.


The first novel introducing the string of Humanx Commonwealth stories in 1975 is Midworld. The protagonist is a native named Born.

did the original size offend someone's sensibilities?

And as Dijkgraaf points out the author wrote some of those Star Trek Logs:

Showing Alan Dean Foster wrote the Star Trek Logs

Look! prehensile toes! And they live in a Home-tree: showing prehensile toes

At least Ruumahum looks more like a six legged hippo than an 'angry thanator'.)

  • And yes, Alan Dean Foster also wrote Star Trek books. – Dijkgraaf May 14 '15 at 1:55
  • Midworld is the one! The cover is exactly what I remembered. Thanks – tnwheeler May 14 '15 at 21:32

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