A number of years ago, I read a novel of a colony on a world that was covered by dense forest. The native people were human-like but had prehensile toes and lived in the forest canopy layer in villages that were a single tree that recognised them and would allow entry. The natives bond with a semi-sentient "pet" that in a twist at the end turns out to actually be stage of a plant's lifecycle. The humans are destroying forest for commercial gain and one of their ships crashs and is discovered by the natives who have a special bond with their "Home Tree" (no its not Avatar).

One other detail I remember is the fact that the planet's surface is extremely "hostile" and dangerous.

I am trying to find it again but can't remember the book or the author (I seem to recall he/she wrote some Star Trek stories as well)


The author is Alan Dean Foster, there are two novels involving the humans on the forested world. The one your thinking of is Mid-Flinx the protagonist is Flinx.


The first novel introducing the string of Humanx Commonwealth stories in 1975 is Midworld. The protagonist is a native named Born.

did the original size offend someone's sensibilities?

And as Dijkgraaf points out the author wrote some of those Star Trek Logs:

Showing Alan Dean Foster wrote the Star Trek Logs

Look! prehensile toes! And they live in a Home-tree: showing prehensile toes

At least Ruumahum looks more like a six legged hippo than an 'angry thanator'.)

  • And yes, Alan Dean Foster also wrote Star Trek books. – Dijkgraaf May 14 '15 at 1:55
  • Midworld is the one! The cover is exactly what I remembered. Thanks – tnwheeler May 14 '15 at 21:32

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