We have finally seen Valyria in season 5. Can anyone tell me where the Valyria scene was filmed?


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The Valyria scene was filmed at Toome, County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Seems though the place went under drastic changes during post production. Only the bridge where Tyrion and Jorah were attacked is a real place, the rest of the ruins is just CGI.

To back this up here are sources:

Game of Thrones Season 5: Episode #5 - The Stone Men of Valyria (HBO) video from the GameofThrones channel shows the place where filming took part. Though the real place is not revealed in this video, river and a ruined bridge gave something to start search with...

So some googling brought me to this watchersonthewall post.

Now, here's an image from the watchersonthewall site. The tweet states that this bridge is in Toome.

Old bridge in Toome

Compare this view captured from the YouTube video.

Old bridge in Toome

Though the angle is different the resemblance is hard to not notice.

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