I'm looking for this black and white horror film I watched back in the 70s. It featured a ski lift, mountain top and these clouds, and there was something in the clouds that killed you. These films were on the TV, it was a feature called Monday night X-film. Can you help please?

  • Is it one film or several?
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I'm inclined to think this might be The Trollenberg Terror, better known in some markets as The Crawling Eye.

The film's storyline concerns journalist Philip Truscott investigating unusual accidents occurring near a resort hotel on a mountain near Trollenberg, Switzerland. United Nations troubleshooter Alan Brooks suspects these deaths are related to a series of similar incidents that happened three years earlier in the Andes mountains, which involved an unexplained radioactive mist and cloud formation.

It doesn't involve a ski lift, but it does involve a cable car, which is similar technology, but larger and enclosed.

Film Poster[

Shot of the mountain with cloud

Long shot of the cable car ascending

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    I think this must have been the inspiration for the Freakazoid episode "The Cloud". Huh! Commented May 14, 2015 at 20:03

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