A series of short stories around 1950, about a guy with two brains and a perfect mind shield and no it's not Gosseyn. The stories had Ellery Queen-like titles such as "The Agile Rigelian".


ISDB identifies "The Agile Algolian" (Published 1954) as number 7 of the Manning Draco series by Kendell Foster Crossen.

Here is the complete listing of stories:
The Merakian Miracle, Thrilling Wonder Stories 10/1951

The Regal Rigellian, Thrilling Wonder Stories 02/1952

The Polluxian Pretender, Thrilling Wonder Stories 10/1952

The Caphian Caper, Thrilling Wonder Stories 12/1952

Whistle Stop in Space, Thrilling Wonder Stories 08/1953

Mission to Mizar, Thrilling Wonder Stories 11/1953

The Agile Algolian, Thrilling Wonder Stories, WTR54

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