When I was younger I watched all the old reruns on TV Land. There was a black and white episode about a robot/alien that was friends with a little girl. He was taking lots of blood from her every time she visited, in a spherical ball like glass container.

Eventually the father/mother finds out what is going on and kills the alien/robot/monster, but comes to find out he was taking blood to save the human race and just doomed everyone.

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    It sounds more like an Outer Limits kind of plot, but I say that with only familiarity of the newer run which was fond of the punch-twist ending, not the original B&W series. I can at least say it doesn't sound like any Twilight Zone episode I know, or can find with a quick search.
    – Radhil
    May 18, 2015 at 21:58

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Minus the part about the alien taking blood, this sounds a bit like the Twilight Zone episode "The Gift" (1962). In it, it's a boy, not a girl that befriends an alien. People from the boy's village kill the alien, only to find out that he was on Earth to

deliver a cure for cancer.

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