Cindy Moon, Silk, was bitten by the exact same spider that gave Peter Parker his powers, as established in Amazing Spider-Man vol. 3.

While they both possess almost identical powers, Cindy's Spider-Sense is demonstrably better than Peter's. She also possesses the ability to produce organic webbing though, unlike Peter, who requires mechanical web spinners.

Is there an explanation for this, or is it as-of-yet unexplained?


This is just a wild guess but since Silk is "The Bride" amongst the totems, is it possible that she has these ability along with the strengthen spider sense due to that fact? Again, just a wild guess. Think about it. In terms of Strength, Peter rises above, being "The Other". And it would seem that "The Bride" is some sort of counterpart to "The Other", obtaining the ability which the male counterpart lacks. Then again, this is just a guess of mine. Would like to actually know the truth though.

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