In the Battlestar Galactica episode The Living Legend part 2, the colonials attack a Cylon city on the planet Gamoray. As the attack starts, there's shot of a crowd of Cylons and other aliens running away.

enter image description here

(From 27:45 on the Netflix episode.)

There's reference to Cylon civilians earlier in this story, but there's also a mention of a previous population on Gamoray. Who are these silver-suited figures?

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The only non-warrior variant of Cylon I can find information about is the IL-series (or Imperious Leader) - but the Cylons in your picture look to be another type again...


They are "civilian" models:

It seems that the Cylon Empire (or The Alliance) is quite an old civilization and it would make sense for there to be some kind of differentiation in models and function.

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